PaleoTex is a full-service commercial paleontology company founded by paleontologist Andre LuJan in 2016. We focus on providing professional services and research specimens to institutions around the world, as well as vocational paleontologists and independent researchers.

You can typically find us at major industry conventions such as The Denver Fossil & Mineral Show and The Tuscon Gem & Fossil Show, which are held annually. Stop by our booths or email us to find out more about available specimens, services, and apprenticeship opportunities.

Our Services

  • Appraisals
  • Consulting
  • Museum Services
  • Field Work
  • Preparation
  • Restoration
  • Mounting
  • 3D Scanning
  • Training





Museum Services

field work

Field Work






3D Scanning

3D Scanning



Meet Our Team!

 PaleoTex  is the #1  full service Paleontology Sevices company in the state of Texas, offering the highest quality preparation and mounting services and houses a full prep lab with state of the art equipment and tools. 

PaleoTex has spent several years finding the most professional and efficient team for ethical fossil collection, high quality preparation, excavation, scouting, mounting and exhibit installation. With 8 years of outstanding customer relations and experience, PaleoTex is your go-to company when it comes to getting exactly what you wish for. 

PaleoTex has been featured in many news articles such as The New York Times and television programs such as Dino Hunters Season 2 & regularly featured on Pawn Stars on the History Channel. We are the exclusive ranch paleontology team for the Ox Ranch.

Meet our team below and find out why we’re your #1 choice for paleo & museum services!

Andre LuJan

Andre LuJan


Andre LuJan is a professional paleontologist from Dallas, Texas and CEO of his company PaleoTex, founded in 2016.
Andre has over 15 years of experience preparing, mounting, casting and providing professional paleontology services and has even discovered an entirely new genus of dinosaur as well as several new species. His passion and pursuit of paleontology has been a lifelong endeavor and has driven him to be a highly respected professional despite not being labeled purely as an academic. He works closely with well-known paleontologists and institutions around the world and is frequently called on for his expertise, specifically of Cretaceous and Permian animals of Texas. In recent years he has become a recognized paleontology spokesperson across many media outlets including NPR, Discovery Channel, History Channel and written publications.
Carrie LuJan

Carrie LuJan


Carrie LuJan is married to Andre LuJan and Administrator of PaleoTex.  

Amanda Muzquiz

Amanda Muzquiz

Chief Restorator

Amanda is Chief Restorator at PaleoTex since 2017

Abi Lukacic

Abi Lukacic

Asst. Lab Manager

Abi is Assistant Lab Manager at PaleoTex since 2021.

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