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About us

PaleoTex is a full-service commercial paleontology company
founded by paleontologist Andre LuJan in 2016. We focus on providing professional services and research specimens to institutions around the world, as well as vocational paleontologists and independent researchers.

You can typically find us at major industry conventions such as The Denver Mineral Show and The Tuscon Gem & Fossil Show, which are held annually. Stop by our booths or email us to find out more about available specimens, services, guided fossil hunts and apprenticeship opportunities.

Field Work

We frequently explore new localities and partner with scientists in the field to improve our understanding of ancient life.

Additionally, we own and lease rich bone beds and fossil sites across the United States, this accessibility means we can regularly offer unique and rare specimens to museums and researchers here in the U.S. and abroad.

Our fieldwork expertise is also available to assist those in need of paleontological services. These services include consultations, mapping, excavation, heavy machine work, and logistics.

field work

Lab Services

The PaleoTex lab space is fully equipped to provide fossil and mineral preparation, restoration, molding, casting, and mounting services.

We also offer no-contact, structured light 3D scanning, which allows for the digitization, replication, modification, inspection, or reverse engineering of an object with an exceptional scan accuracy of .04mm.

Museums around the wolrd feature examples of our restorative work and mounted projects. Our preparatory work has also been published in prominent scientific journals such as “Nature”. We pride ourselves on consistently offering high-quality results for our clients and continuing to evolve as a competitive company.

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